Do You Really Need Oil?

Do you really need oil?

Growing up we have been accustomed to using oil or grease on our hair whether it be, relaxing our hair, pressing our hair, doing protective styles and many more.

But is it as crucial as we think it is?

Oil is highly beneficial for your scalp especially when yours is lacking. In addition there are so many oils found in the world that have amazing benefits for hair and scalp that we cannot naturally produce. But too much oil can leave hair feeling greasy, being weighed down, clumped together and having limited movement, if not absorbed.

In order for your hair strands to absorb these oil your hair shafts need to be open. The only way they can be open in my using water (H2O) or a leave in conditioner that will help your hair take in the nutrients in the oil. We, at Eyoko stand by the 'L.O.C Method' which places in order the best way to nourish and hydrate your hair with

  1. Liquid (Water or leave in conditioner)
  2. Oil (any oil of your preferred choice)
  3. Cream (any styling cream or mousse to seal your strands)

We at Eyoko have experimented with the order and structure ofnourishing hair, after much altering we have come to the conclusion that the best way is the L.O.C Method. We found water to be the best step 1, putting moisture back into your strands, followed by our hair butter as step 2 and then a setting mousse of curling crème as step 3 to seal the strands.


This is not a hairline. This is a revolution!