Don't Rush Your Washday!

With hair dressers and hair salons closing due to the current global pandemic, all of our safety nets have dropped with the sudden realisation that we’re going to have to wash and take care of our own hair. Shocker right?!

Instead of this being daunting, let’s use this as a way to get to know our hair a little bit more. What hair products it likes and doesn’t like, what protective styles help to retain moisture and which ones don’t! Either this is the perfect time to test and trial a lot of things!

What we’ll be discussing today in particular is the step before washing your hair! Many ladies forget that the process of washing your hair can actually start a whole day beforehand, we call this pre-shampooing or doing a pre-poo. This is when you prepare your hair for all the products you’ll be using to remove dirt, product build up and cleanse the scalp. Unknown to most, the shampoos we use are very abrasive with strong chemicals to strip the hair strands, so pre-shampooing is vital to ensuring your hair isn’t stripped of its key nutrients and remains soft during the next steps.


Step 1 - Section your hair into 4 or more

Step 2 - Working one section at a time apply the hair butter to the entire section ensuring the ends of your hair are also covered as they are the oldest, and most fragile part of your hair

Step 3 - Divide this section into smaller manageable parts so you can apply the hair butter and detangle your hair

Step 4 - Once you have detangled one full section twist or braid it out of the way

Step 5 - Repeat steps 3 and 4 on all other sections until the hair butter has been applied everywhere and all hair has been detangled

Step 6 - Apply the hair butter to your parting and baby hairs all around your head

Step 7 - Take a moment to massage your scalp, paying attention to areas that need more love and attention

Step 8 - Put a shower cap on and let the hair butter work it’s magic to soften your hair, you can wait up to 1 hour (if your in a rush) or leave it overnight for maximum impact

Step 9 - You are ready to wash your hair! you can now carry on with your routine!

If you would like to pre-poo with our handmade hair butter then you can purchase yours here, we have three different scent to choose from Lavender, Passionfruit and Lemongrass!

If you have pre-poo’d your hair before let us know your thoughts, what products you typically use and any questions you may have!

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