Giving Back To Our Community

Let us introduce you to the up and coming British hair care company, catering to all types of hair. Eyoko, founded by Paula Okoye in the summer of 2015, made it its mission to create a product made of all-natural oils, as well as being focused on the re-education of women about their hair and how to take care of it.

At the start of 2019 Eyoko launched its "Real Woman" campaign, which aimed to celebrate the beauty in diversity and inclusivity. Eyoko embodies these two principles by ensuring it's luxurious hair butter is the perfect product for everyone. YES EVERYONE! No matter their hair type, profession or even hair styling practice, this product can be used to promote healthy growth in all hair types as well as making curls pop!

Through her own big chop journey, Paula noticed the disparity of the models who had loose and defined curls and those who purchase the products which failed to represent those with tighter coils or afro textured strands. Eyoko's mission was and still is to change that narrative and perception of black women in mass media with it's inclusive "Real Woman" campaign, celebrating all women just as they are.

Experiencing the effects of Sickle Cell Anaemia first hand, Paula Okoye made a promise that Eyoko will give back to the community and support the Sickle Cell Society by donating 5% of all sales made to this just cause. In celebration of Sickle Cell Awareness day on the 19th of June 2019, Eyoko is educating everyone about the disease and why it is so important to support the Sickle Cell Society.

The Sickle Cell Disease affects between 12,500 and 15,000 people in the UK alone, with 1 in every 76 black babies being born with it. This disease is a serious and lifelong health condition which affects the red blood cells in the individual, causing symptoms like infections due to the weakened immune system, pain crises, fatigue and eye damage. Through the right medical attention and extensive support the symptoms of sickle cell (physical, emotional and mental) can be supported by the money donated, through clinical trials, mentoring, a helpline and many more.

Eyoko's stand alone hair butter is handmade by the owner and formulated with 12 rich oils and butters, including illipe butter, mango seed oil, shea butter and coconut oil to name but a few. This special recipe comprises a mixture of oils that all have a key role to play. For example, Kokum butter originally sourced in Asia works to encourage hair elasticity. Carrot oil protects hair from environmental factors such as the sun and harsh elements, whilst jojoba oil has amazing benefits for ones skin and hair, including regulating sebum production of the scalp to restore luster to dry hair. This versatile product can be used in many ways such as applied directly on the scalp, distributed through the lengths of hair within the L.O.C method, and even as a hot oil treatment under a steamer hood (home use and professional) for maximum moisture retention.

If you would like to support the charity and also take care of your hair all in one go, take a look at the signature hair butter.

This Is Not A Hairline, This Is A Revolution