Natural VS Relaxed

Within the black hair community it is easy to notice the tension between those who are natural and those who relax their hair or protective style their hair... BUT...


I'm not sure anyone will know the full story as to why there is tensions but many things we have noticed is that those who are pro natural sometimes tend to push their ideas and beliefs into others forcefully or think you’re a sell out if you do relax your hair, or wear a blonde wig whilst natural.

***We would clearly like to state that relaxing your hair or wearing protective styles such as weave, braids or a wig does not make you less natural. It is your choice how you would like to wear your hair and no one should make your feel bad for your decision***

Eyoko is made of all natural ingredients and supports the growth and health of ones hair. We receive many questions whether our product is only for natural hairwearers or someindividuals state that they can't use the hair butter because they relax their hair. To correct this our hair can be used on all hair whether your natural, relax, texturized, straightened and so forth, it can be used in many ways and incorporated in your protective styles, such as weave, braids and wigs. All hair whether under a wig or out in the open needs nutrients and care, the only difference being that chemically treated hair will need additional care in which we would advise using our butter as either a Pre-Shampoo or as a Hot Oil Treatment.

This Is Not A Hairline, This Is A Revolution.