Pre-Poo? What's That?!

What is a pre poo?

A pre-poo is short for prior-shampoo, a treatment for your hair that is done prior to shampooing.

What are the benefits?

- Softer Hair
- Nourished Hair
- Healthy growth

How do you pre-poo?

A pre -poo can be done the night before you are due to wash you hair, if so you can leave it on your hair overnight to get the full benefits. If you are rushed for time you can either proceed to do a shorter pre-poo of 1-2hours or opt to use the Eyoko Hair Butter as a 30 minute hot oil treatment.


  1. Sections hair into quarters or smaller sections if you have very thick hair.
  2. Work a considerable amount of our hair butter into the hair starting from your tips and work your way to the roots and then massaging the oil into your scalp to circulate blood flow.
  3. Once the section has been massaged twist or plait that section making sure to add extra hair butter to the ends of your hair if you notice that it is still dry.
  4. Repeat this throughout all of your sections ensuring all of your hair is covered and that your scalp is massaged.
  5. Place a plastic cap over your hair to allow your hair to steam.
  6. Tie your headscarf of place your silk bonnet over the plastic cap so it can work into your hair whilst you sleep.
  7. When you wake up and are ready to wash your hair simply take your headscarf and plastic cap off, untwist your hair and proceed to wash your hair in your preferred method.

This Is Not A Hairline, This Is A Revolution.