Top Tips for New Naturals

All advice isn’t good advice! When it comes to going natural deciphering what’s best for your hair is the most important part of your journey. Read our top tips here.

Curly/kinky hair craves Moisture

Moisture will become your best friend and will be the key that unlocks healthier and softer hair. Moisture refers to water, water-based leave-in conditioners, detangling sprays or natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera Juice. Natural hair requires moisture on a regular basis, as dry hair is more fragile and harder to detangle, to reduce unnecessary hair loss ensure hair is saturated and moisturised.

Deep Conditioners are a must

Natural hair needs to be moisturised and strengthened; deep conditioners do just that, they go deeper than normal conditioners. There are two types of conditioners you should look out for; moisturising treatments and strengthening treatments.

Moisture Treatments are conditioners infused with oils and humectants. They impart moisture into hair leaving your hair soft, easier to detangle and nourished.

Strengthening treatments are conditioners that make your hair stronger. They bind themselves to the hair shaft and fortify it against breakage. Conditioners such as henna and protein treatments fall into this category.

Knowledge is paramount

Hair has three characteristics that influence the hair care regimen it requires; these are porosity, strand density and texture. Knowing which characteristic your natural hair has will aid in finding a suitable regimen.

There are many natural hair resources online that teach tenets of hair care. It is important to research widely so that you make an informed decision when picking your regimen. A couple of amazing natural hair vloggers: for both curly and kinky hair are Urban Bush Babes, Craving Yellow, Nappy Fu and Naturally High.

Low manipulation styles are everything

Curly/ kinky hair is more fragile than straight hair this is because every curl point is a potential breaking point. Therefore, styling often and doing high manipulation styles leads to breakage. It is advisable to do low manipulation styles that do no put a strain on your scalp or your strands. Low manipulation styles include twist outs, buns, flat twists, puffs and cornrows.

Hair texture comes into play here because what low manipulation means for curly hair is not the same as what it means for kinky hair. Whilst for curly hair buns, twist outs and braids out are ideal for retaining length. Kinky hair would find such styles to be detrimental or unhelpful in retaining length and prefer bound styles such as twists or braids and flat twists, etc.

Watch your Products

Most products that claim to be for natural hair have harmful substances such as petroleum, petrolatum, mineral oil, bad alcohols and lanolin. It is imperative to read the ingredients of every product you use because products containing harmful substances do more harm than good to hair.

Consistency is key

If you have a regimen stick to it. Hair responds to consistent care and not sporadic care or sporadic use of products.

Miracle Products are a myth!

There are a lot of products that claim that if you use them, your hair will grow at a rapid pace. While some products will stimulate growth, it is impossible to achieve long hair by simply using an amazing product(s) and ignoring tenets of good hair care or a healthy and balanced diet. Long natural hair is a result of a combination of good products, good techniques and good nutrients.

No two heads of hair are alike. What works for your fellow natural sister or favourite natural hair vlogger might not work for you. It is important to know the characteristics of your hair, so you can build a unique regiment that caters to your hairs needs.

Natural vloggers and bloggers are an amazing source of information; however they are not always right. It is important to research widely and to take what a vlogger says with careful consideration. Vlogs should be used an indication of how your hair may react to certain products or styling.

Have any tips you would like to share? Comment below and help someone out!

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